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Mit unseren Belüftungs-, Sonnenschutz- und Outdoor-Lösungen sorgen wir für eine komfortable und gesunde Lebens- und Arbeitsumgebung.

Komfort, Energiesparsamkeit, Akustik und Design stehen bei der Entwicklung unserer innovativen Gesamtkonzepte immer im Mittelpunkt.

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Paul Renson: "The Covid-19 crisis has made me realise that we’ve pushed nature too far, tried too hard to test the boundaries of our abilities…". According to Paul Renson, CEO Renson, we need to analyse the causes of this crisis and learn from this, so that we are ready for the future.


A wooden, nearly zero-energy, passive house build on a hill, in accordance with the Feng Shui principles, that’s not something you see every day. Since it is not comfortable to live in a well-insulated, passive house without ventilation system, the Renson Endura Delta D+ system with heat recovery was installed.


In Australia, the University of New South Wales launched an experimental project, which examined the detrimental effect of bad air on the behavior and learning abilities of pupils. They went even further by comparing a class without ventilation system with a class that had a ventilation system. The system that was used was our smart ventilation unit, the Renson Healthbox 3.0. The results of the research are too say the least astonishing.