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Published on 30/09/2015

This Privacy Policy refers to the collection and use of personal data by RENSON® Ventilation nv (hereinafter referred to as “RENSON”, “we” or “our”) that has its registered office at Industriezone 2 Vijverdam, Maalbeekstraat 10, B-8790 WAREGEM, Belgium.

RENSON values the protection of your privacy. We, therefore, guarantee honesty and confidentiality in the processing of these data. In this policy, we explain which data are collected by RENSON, and how they are specified and used.


Information regarding the collection and use of personal data

1. The data that RENSON collects

Specific personal data may be collected during your interactions with RENSON, both during offline and online interactions. These personal data are related to you as an identified and identifiable person, such as:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Social media profiles
  • Other information that we collect using forms that you fill in
  • Etc.

In addition to these data, we may also collect personal data through other methods such as cookies. Among these data are:

  • Your web browser
  • Your cookie ID
  • Your IP address
  • Visited web pages on our websites
  •  Etc.

Finally, we may also collect personal data with regard to the installation of your RENSON product:

  • Date of installation
  • Client
  • Energy Performance and Indoor Climate files
  • Measured air flow rates per room
  • Delivery date
  • Etc.

2. How RENSON collects your personal data

Personal data may be collected by RENSON in different ways both during offline and online interactions. This can, for example, take place through:

  • Digital, telephone or written contact with RENSON employees or an official RENSON distributor/installer
  • Filling in forms by RENSON that are, for example, offered at trade fairs, websites, apps, etc.
  • Filling in and sending a contact form
  • Subscribing to the RENSON newsletter
  • Ordering a RENSON product
  • Registering a purchased RENSON product
  • Registering a purchased RENSON product through an official RENSON distributor/installer
  • Participating in special offers or competitions
  • Interacting on social media, for example, liking or sharing posts of the official RENSON accounts, sending InMail, etc.
  • Cookies (see the statement about cookies below )
  • Etc.

3. Purpose of the data collected by RENSON

The personal data collected by RENSON from visitors are used for the purpose of:

  • Processing visitor requests or supplying requested documentation
  • Supplementing our customer base
  • Registering purchased products
  • Optimising our customer service
  • Solving any issues of customers with products
  • Promoting products and services by RENSON and the companies associated to RENSON (direct or indirect customers) through direct marketing
  • Sending personal messages and information about special offers based on the collected information of your use of our websites through cookies or comparable methods or technologies
  • Analysing and optimising the user experience on our website
  • Etc.

4. Sharing of the personal data

Personal data may be shared with RENSON partners and other companies for the same objectives. Personal data will never be exchanged, sold or supplied to other organisations unless the user was informed as such and provided his or her explicit permission.

5. Your rights

Every person is at all times and free of charge entitled to access their data, to request to update or delete their information, or object to the processing for direct marketing objectives. Please contact us with regard to any of these issues (


Cookie statement

1. General

RENSON uses cookies if we obtain your prior permission when this has been established by law. Cookies are small text or data files that are placed on your local PC or other device when you visit our website. Using cookies allows us to improve our website, based on your use. Specific settings can also be remembered for your next visit, such as your country, language choice, etc. to personalise your visit and to offer personalised services.

Cookies are enabled by default in your browser. We recommend keeping the cookies enabled to ensure the best possible use of our websites. If you prefer not to, you can disable the cookies manually, depending on the browser you use:

2. Types of cookies

Different cookies have specific objectives. We mainly use cookies to analyse website statistics through Google Analytics. You can open an overview here:

  • __utma
    purpose: to keep track of the frequency of user visits to our website
    use duration: 2 years
  • __utmb
    purpose: to measure the duration of a user visit to our website
    use duration: 30 minutes
  • __utmc
    purpose: to measure the duration of a user visit to our website
    use duration: until the end of the session
  • __utmz
    purpose: determines where the visitor to our website comes from
    use duration: 6 months


Amendments to the Privacy Policy

RENSON reserves the right to amend, supplement or completely rewrite this privacy policy from time to time when this is deemed necessary. The most recent version of the privacy policy will always be published on this page and is in force from the moment it is published. The date of the publication can be found at the top of this page. 

We recommend viewing this page regularly to ensure you are upto date about our privacy policy.

By continuing to use our websites and applications, you are agreeing to our privacy policy and any revised versions.


Contacting us

If you have any questions regarding the protection of your personal data or want to request, correct or delete your personal data, you can contact us using the following methods:

  • Sending an email to
  • Sending a dated and signed letter to RENSON® Ventilation nv Industriezone 2 Vijverdam, Maalbeekstraat 10, B-8790 WAREGEM, Belgium

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