Improved indoor climate in healthcare thanks to the Renson Health Care Concept

Improved indoor climate in healthcare thanks to the Renson Health Care Concept

Improved indoor climate is one of the focal points for achieving an optimal care experience. For residents, patients, staff and visitors. This is not always evident: as such, glass windows provide a lot of daylight and contact with the environment, but also – without the necessary precautions – surplus heat.

For good indoor air quality, continuous supply of fresh air is essential in combination with the controlled discharge of polluted indoor air.

To help realize this healthy and comfortable indoor climate, Renson has developed the Renson Health Care Concept

Improved indoor climate through continuous, controlled basic ventilation

The air in hospitals, residential care centers and other care institutions often contains fungi, bacteria and viruses. Furthermore, the accumulation of CO2, due to insufficient ventilation in rooms and corridors, can lead to complaints in patients, staff and visitors.

That is why it is crucial to ventilate regularly and correctly – just opening the windows is not enough. Basic controlled ventilation is the only effective solution for healthy indoor air.

Renson also focuses on acoustic comfort with low-noise mechanical systems and acoustic grilles

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External sun protection is guarantee for a pleasant indoor temperature

In addition to good indoor air quality, temperature also plays an important role. The only way to avoid overheating is to prevent the sun's rays from reaching the glass. Outdoor sun protection not only offers thermal benefits but also visual comfort thanks to the damping effect.

And since sunlight is pleasant during the winter months, we ensure you can enjoy it optimally through dynamic sun protection.

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Natural cooling thanks to intensive ventilation

Overheating is a risk in healthcare institutions. This risk is neutralized on the one hand by external sun protection and on the other by the ventilated cooling. This natural and free system attracts fresh, cool air at night and, therefore, significantly reduces the building’s interior temperature.

Using this method, each day in the infrastructure starts in the most comfortable way.

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Improve the indoor climate and enjoy a comfortable outdoor climate

It is important for patients and residents of residential care centers to get fresh air regularly. But what if it rains, snows, is too windy or too hot? These concerns also have a place in the Renson Health Care Concept, in the form of an extensive range of terrace covers.

Using this method, everyone can enjoy both the indoors and the outdoors throughout the year. This completes the story for our mission 'Creating healthy spaces'

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