Optimizing indoor climate in apartments? The Healthy Apartment Concept is the total energy-efficient solution

Optimizing indoor climate in apartments? The Healthy Apartment Concept is the total energy-efficient solution

An indoor climate that favors comfort and health: isn’t this what everybody wants? Especially in an apartment, where good air quality and pleasant temperatures are crucial for the well-being of residents – people, animals and plants.

That is why Renson developed the Healthy Apartment Concept, a total solution with three pillars: demand-controlled basic ventilation, ventilated cooling and efficient external sun protection for glass facades.

Not only beneficial for the resident due to improved comfort and health, but – because of the lower E-level – also the costs!

Demand-controlled basic ventilation

Renson specifically adapts its ventilation system for apartments and high-rise buildings. Window ventilation is designed to withstand high wind loads at great heights and perfectly comply with acoustic requirements. In addition, the basic ventilation per unit can be connected to a specifically designed duct that combines the discharge of polluted ventilation air and flue gases with the air supply of the gas boiler.

Thanks to this triple flow, savings are not only realized in space, but also in assembly time and costs. Finally, this type of ventilation contributes to the overall aesthetics of the building: only one roof duct is necessary for both fumes and ventilated air.

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External sun protection for glass facades

In addition to indoor air quality, temperature also plays a major role. Especially now that high-rise buildings are increasingly finished with glass facades to allow residents to enjoy natural daylight optimally. Because of these windows, it can get very hot indoors on warm days. The only way to prevent this is to stop the sun’s rays before they reach the glass.

This type of external sun protection not only provides thermal comfort, but also visual comfort: there are no more annoying reflections or discoloration of furniture and interior decoration due to the sun’s rays. Whoever chooses dynamic sunscreens can continue to enjoy the sun's warmth during the winter, which at that time of year is most convenient and desired.

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Ventilated cooling

Due to more hot days per year, energy costs for buildings shift from heating to cooling. Certainly, in well-insulated and airtight buildings there is virtually no heat loss, as a result of which the costs of active cooling can increase considerably during the summer. This results in a risk of overheating, which can be averted with external sun protection and ventilated cooling.

The latter ensures a large influx of fresh, cool air at night. The mass of the building absorbs it and emits it the next day. With five such cycles, the indoor temperature decreases by no less than five degrees in the summer – free of charge and natural!

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Indoor climate suitable for high-rise buildings

High-rise buildings require specific solutions in terms of ventilation, sun protection and terrace covers. For example, the requirements regarding acoustics, weather influences and wind load are much higher. That is why Renson continually strives for perfect upgrades, correct alignments and aesthetic integrations – without losing sight of energy efficiency and sustainability.

The result? A customization that not only meets all the visual requirements but also all the conditions for a comfortable and healthy indoor climate.

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