Healthy and comfortable living in four steps thanks to the Healthy Residential Concept

Healthy and comfortable living in four steps thanks to the Healthy Residential Concept

For healthy living, there are some important conditions, such as sufficient daylight, pleasant temperatures and good air quality.

But we also want to enjoy the outside as much as possible.

Renson's Healthy Residential Concept makes this possible, thanks to the sophisticated combination of ventilation, sun protection and terrace covers – with a focus on design and architecture.

Smart ventilation for healthy indoor air

To be sure of perfect indoor air quality, you need a ventilation system that continuously supplies fresh indoor air and discharges polluted indoor air. Renson offers a versatile range of intelligent ventilation systems based on the demand control principle, which guarantees energy-efficient operation and limits heat losses to a minimum. The ventilation system that best suits your home depends on several factors: are you renovating or building a new home? Is there room for the installation of air ducts?

Do you want to combine ventilation with renewable energy? What are your personal preferences and needs? Based on the answers to these questions, a Renson ventilation specialist will work with you to find the only good solution for healthy living.

Discover our different ventilation systems here

External sun protection for visual and thermal comfort

Large windows: good for lots of daylight and free solar heat in winter. Alas also offer: a

risk of overheating, annoying reflections or glare. Fabric sunscreens, a fixed awning above the window or slats on the window front are perfect systems to stop the sun's rays from reaching the glass.

This way, they ensure the most effective sunscreen and the best exterior view. And rest assured: Renson offers a solution for all types of glazing – horizontal, vertical, diagonal …

Discover all about our fabric sunscreens and structural sun protection here

Free and natural cooling

With large window diffusers for ventilated cooling, Renson offers a natural and free alternative to energy-hungry air conditioners. Large quantities of fresh air help cool the interior to five degrees at night.

These Renson window diffusers for ventilated cooling are equipped with mosquito netting and are burglar-proof – so no loss of comfort!

You can find more information on ventilated cooling here

Enjoy outdoor living

Outdoor living revives people. A terrace cover is the guarantee that you enjoy outdoor living under the best conditions at any time of the year. The freedom of choice at Renson is unprecedented: slatted roof or screen roof? Detached, attached to the home or to an existing (roof) structure? Adapted to the style of your property?

Everything is possible and also in the color of your choice. What is the common thread in our range of terrace covers? The focus on contemporary design, quality and durability.

Discover the complete range here

Healthy Residential Concept in practice : discover the ‘Renson Concept Home’

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