Continuous louvres – a breathable skin for your installations or building

Continuous louvres provide visual protection for installations or protect facades from rain, vermin, birds or noise. At the same time, they allow air to flow through. A continuous louvre system fitted with acoustic louvres is ideal for protecting noisy installations. The Linus continuous louvre system by Renson is a tried and tested product among facade construction firms and architects. These louvres offer many possibilities for aesthetic and functional cladding of facades or installations.

Our Louvres Selector has a user-friendly filter and calculation module that will help you to choose the right continuous louvres from our extensive range.

Advantages continuous louvres

Ventilating wall

Depending on the opening between the louvres and the type of louvre, the air flow can be tailored to the needs of your project.

Rapid and sustainable installation

The system consists of a self-supporting structure in which the aluminium louvres are attached via a unique click system.

A solution for every application

Renson offers a huge range of options in terms of air flow, acoustics and aesthetics. Even curved louvres are perfectly possible.

High levels of water-repellency

Renson also provides products that are suitable for installations requiring high levels of water-repellency (class A).

Why ventilate?

How To video louvre selector

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